Angel City All Star Brass Band — “Sidama de Cali”

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by Farah Sosa (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Trumpeter and band leader Todd Simon is a big part of the LA music scene. He’s led a number of notable projects, most recently guiding Kelis’ new band, as well as performing with artists including Rhye, Mayer Hawthorne, TV on the Radio and more.  Now, he’s an arranged an incredible group of talented local players across the musical spectrum to form the Angel City All-Star Brass Band.

They pay homage to the roots of cumbia, afrobeat, soul and ethio-jazz and have a brand new track to share — “Sidama de Cali“.

The track will be featured on an upcoming compilation called “Footprints” to be released on the Jazz & Milk label out of Germany April 29.

Here’s the story behind it:

“The composition and arrangement was conceived after experimenting with my own personal blends of single-origin coffees.

I was blown away by a 50/50 blend of some Ethiopian beans from the Sidama region and some Colombian beans shipped to me by my good pal Quantic not too far from Cali, hence the name “Sidama de Cali“.

This is actually the track that inspired my banda project featuring strictly horns and percussion recorded live to tape at the historic Electro-Vox Recording Studios (built in Hollywood across from Paramount Pictures circa 1936).

Sidama de Cali” features Quantic on the guacharaca (colombian version of the guiro); Justo Almario’s son – Max Almario; Herbie Mann’s son – Geoff Mann; Richi Panta of Very Be Careful and the Boogaloo Assassins; plus members of Buyepongo.

A lot of LA cumbia percussion virtuosity is represented on this track! The horn section features my partners in crime: Tracy Wannomae and Elizabeth Lea (who recorded on both Quadron and RHYE albums with me); Double G (Dakah); Stewart Cole (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros); Eddie Felix (The Lions/Myron & E) and many many more badasses!

Brew up your own personal blend of coffees and let this recording fuel your day!”

Todd Simon by Farah Sosa