Anna Calvi Live on KCRW

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Anna Calvi is without a doubt one of the most talented new artists to emerge from the music scene this year and her debut will surely by listed among by fave albums of the year come December. Falling in love with an album is one thing. Seeing that artist perform those songs live is another. And I’m happy to report, the UK artist was everything I hoped she would be.

Anna Calvi by Larry Hirshowitz

I got a sneak preview at the Troubadour, her first LA show, the night before she visited our studios and the audiences was absolutely mesmerized. She brought the same intensity and passion – both in her guitar playing and operatic singing – to KCRW early the next morning, from the instrumental “Rider to the Sea” to Jason’s favorite, “Desire”. She manages to be both ferocious and sexy, playing blues guitar in a way you don’t expect from a beautiful, petite woman with slicked back hair.  She lists Jimi Hendrix and Django Reinhardt as her guitar heroes and you can hear the influences of both.

Anna is certainly an artist on the rise and you will be doing yourself a huge favor by checking out her session in the archives.


Anna Calvi Live on KCRW

Rider to the Sea

No More Words

Suzanne & I

The Devil



Love Won’t Be Leaving

Jezebel (Edith Piaf cover)

Anna Calvi by Larry Hirshowitz
Anna Calvi and Jason Bentley by Larry Hirshowitz