Anni B Sweet: Love From London

I was stranded in Madrid the other week between flights.

However, turning a negative into a positive, I ended up in a Madrid bar and through a local DJ friend of mine, I met Anni B Sweet, a talented young musician who is just about to release her second album. (Her real name is Ana López Rodríguez, for those wondering)

Anni B Sweet has a great voice and some really interesting music to boot. While she’s a native Spaniard, she sings in English, saying she prefers it to write her lyrics.

Her version of Ah-Ha’s “Take On Me” is pretty special

And, after hearing it, it’s not surprising to see that she lists Feist, Fleet Foxes, Calexico, The Beatles, and Wilco among her influences.

Here’s a little taster for her new album:

Anni B Sweet – At Home by umstrum

Definitely a name that we’ll be hearing more of very soon.

Alex Kenning