Arthur Verocai on KCRW

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Brazilian folk and jazz composer Arthur Verocai stopped by KCRW during a rare LA appearance. And, to make it even more special, it was Arthur’s birthday! The band sang to him after a truly beautiful performance, with a lush string section and more.

The famed artist was invited to town by Mochilla, a production company that is in the “business of telling stories” according to co-founder, photographer B+.

B+ tells Jason that Verocai’s 1972 solo, self-titled album is hugely important among “hip hop heads and beat collectors,” including Madlib, Dilla, and 9th Wonder. Verocai says its “not a challenge but a privelege” to reapproach his music, which was originally written during a repressive military dictatorship in Brazil. It challenged many of the musical conventions of the day – both as a subtle protest album and with musical experimentation.

Check out an excellent live performance here and learn more about Mochilla’s Timeless project.