5 Songs to Hear This Week: Asha Puthli, Vundabar, Honeyglaze

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Asha Puthli has no time for anyone’s “Lies.” Photo by Larry Hirshowitz

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Asha Puthli – “Lies (Live From KCRW HQ)” 

Living legend Asha Puthli has been bringing the disco-soul-funk heat to her native India and beyond since 1970. Puthli and her band recently dropped by our studios for a live performance, and today, she’s offering a special sneak peek of that performance just for you: a swaggy single decrying those who just can’t tell the truth. The full session is out Thursday (find it here) when Puthli will already be across the pond to perform at the UK’s Glastonbury Festival on Friday, June 27th. If you’re lucky enough to be attending the famous fest, don’t miss her set — 12:30 PM at West Holts stage.

Vundabar – “I Got Cracked”

Boston indie-rock revivalists Vundabar are back in our crosshairs this week with an energized single suited to fix what’s broken. If you were a frothing fan of the slew of rock bands who showed up swinging to take on bubble-gum pop’s stranglehold of the early ‘00s, this track may catapult you into a state of nostalgia: blown-out vocals, frenetically fast guitars, and a thrash-worthy chorus abound. We’ve had our eyes (and ears) on Vundabar since last year’s triumphant ”Digital Forest.” And based on this cathartic release, we’ll stay tuned.

Honeyglaze – “Don't”

Save this track for your next breakup. With confrontational lyrics presented almost like spoken-word poetry and a menacing, minor-chord melody that’s uniquely structured to punch up the point; this snarling single from London three-top Honeyglaze amounts to a one-round KO. Theatrical and raw, this track and the accompanying boxing-ring-themed video encapsulate how it feels to finally stick up for yourself against someone taking advantage of your kindness… and now, the gloves are off.

Chris Cohen – “Sunever”

Looking for a chilled-out, contemplative approach to summertime? Look no further than this new release from Chris Cohen, a multi-talented musician and songwriter whose influence reaches from Deerhoof to Weyes Blood and Mac deMarco. This track has a soothing 1970s vibe: a little bit flower-child, a little bit Timothy Leary, a little bit Sufjan Stevens. Click play for a hypnotic psychedelic-folk song and a hand-painted visualizer urging you to become one with nature to find the way.

Alex Puddu – “Liquore Alla Menta”

Create your own poolside Italian disco reality with this laidback track from lesser-known composer and artist Alex Puddu, who’s been steadily putting out original and collaborative releases in the soul-funk-R&B space for decades, much of it via his own (perfectly-named) label “Al Dente Music.” Puddu’s perhaps best known for creating compositions inspired by ‘70s porn, which were lauded by producers pulling sexy samples. “Liquore Alla Menta” is the work of a man on a mission to get you grooving. Hit play to see if he succeeds.