Band of Skulls Live on KCRW – Lay My Head Down

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UK’s Band of Skulls are a reminder that rock is not dead. Pure, hard hitting, powerful, in-your-face rock. And the fact that they make it happen as a trio is a testament to their talents as songwriters and musicians.

Watching a set of music like this in the morning is pretty mindblowing. The band delivered all the energy I’ve come to expect from their live shows AND gave us a special treat. They said it was the first time they’ve ever performed the slow burner “Lay My Head Down” live for a radio station. They also played “Honest”, one of our favorites off their last record.

The band was in town playing Coachella and I asked if they had a favorite thing about America (my patriotic side was curious). Bassist/singer Emma Richardson immediately lit up and said she loves driving through the country because every state is so different, with amazing scenery and countrysides. (Side note: the cover art for their new album, “Sweet Sour” was based on a series of paintings from Emma. Her favorite painter? Lucien Freud)

I also had to dig into my favorite song title on the album “You’re Not Pretty But You Got it Goin On”. Guitarist/singer Russell Marsden denied that it was about any specific person but said it “was an exercise in the lowest possible compliment.

For a group dressed entirely in black, they have a great sense of humor. And smile a lot more than you might guess as well…just not in this photo.


Band of Skulls and RR by Larry Hirshowitz

Band of Skulls Live on KCRW – Set List

Sweet Sour




The Devil Takes Care of His Own


You’re Not Pretty But You Got It Goin’ On

Lay My Head Down