Beachwood Sparks Live on KCRW — Tarnished Gold

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Cosmic country” is one of my favorite genre descriptions. I was first introduced to it about a decade ago through the greatness that is Gram Parsons and also learned that LA was home to a thriving alt-country scene.

At that time, beloved local band Beachwood Sparks had already released their debut and was a part of that scene. A sophomore album and an EP followed. Then they stopped — until earlier this year.

Their fans were thrilled to welcome them back after the hiatus and their long-awaited full length is an excellent return to form.

Beachwood Sparks embodies an easy going, country-tinged West Coast vibe.  I can hear a bit of the Grateful Dead and The Byrds mixed into tracks like “Tarnished Gold” and “Sparks Fly Again”.

Check out the full session in the archives and see what you think!


Beachwood Sparks Live on KCRW – Set List

Leave that Light On

Sparks Fly Again


Talk About Awesome

Tarnished Gold

Water From the Well

Alone Together