Betsy’s SXSW Wrap Up

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After the epic 13 hour nap that I took when I hit my very own pillow for the first time in 12 days – I’m back in the saddle here at KCRW. Here are the music standouts from my personal experience.

Best Stumbles
The best moments are popping your head into venue to see a band you’re not familiar with just yet.

Jukebox the Ghost
This band is one that I caught while running past a fenced in lot. It sounded great, we asked the doorman who it was, noted it, and then I caught them later at Maggie Mae’s. Knowing that the guys had a long day, I was so stoked to see how energetic and fun they were on stage. They even shouted homage to the 90’s with a silly cover of Donna Lewis’ “I Love You Always Forever”. SuperFun!!
Jukebox the Ghost – Summer Sun by MCT MANAGEMENT

The Joy Formidable
I just didn’t expect such rock to come from such a little sprite of a girl. You can watch the performance here.

Most Noise & Totally Worth the Hype
Odd Future
This show was PUNK as it gets. Angsty and aggressive, the boys from Odd Future got the crowd so riled up that water bottles and budweiser beer cans started flying between stage and crowd and were hurtled as far back as my safe distance at the back of the Fader Fort tent. I wanted to check these guys out to see what all the hype was about, and I got a full dose!

Photo by BMuse (who I sat nex to on the plane on the return)

Photo by @BMuse (who I sat next to on the plane on the return)

Most Anticipated
The Antlers
As I waited for The Antlers to take stage at the Parish for NPR’s showcase – where they performed their brand new album from top to bottom, I literally shook with anticipation. I knew that one of two things was imminent – either my face was going to slide off of my head or I was going to be incredibly disappointed. This level of expectation is largely unfair to any artist, but its not something that I could control. I’ve loved The Antler’s Hospice so much – I couldn’t help but to be eager to get a first listen of brand new material. The recorded album will be available in early May and I look forward to getting into my hands and ears where I can learn the nuances and understand it more.

Most Underrated
Home Video
I still find myself wondering where the hype is for the most recent album put together by this 3 piece outfit from Brooklyn…??? It is a minimalist electronic sound, packed w/ move-inspiring beats and great percussive play on the bass line and ethereal vocals.

Favorite Moments
James Blake
in a church.
The sweet deep register of James Blake’s voice was even more sacred to take in from the front pew at the Central Presbyterian Church. If I could worship this way, I’d attend every Sunday – without fail.