Black Mountain Live on KCRW

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Vancouver rockers Black Mountain dropped by KCRW’s studio for a Valentine’s Day extravaganza of raw rock ‘n’ roll. Jason said it was just the wake up call he needed on post-Grammy Monday. I’ve been loving their album, but they are most definitely a LIVE band. You can tell they are so tuned into each other and revel in playing together. The duel vocals of guitarist Stephen McBean and Amber Webber (wow, what a voice!) are really the key, heard best on “Hair Song.” We’re also partial to “Druganaut,” part of which is used in the theme for  KCRW’s show “Unfictional.”  Yesterday’s version was a real psychedelic jam.

Enjoy and watch the full performance here.


Black Mountain Live on KCRW Set List

The Hair Song

Old Fangs

Wilderness Heart

Don’t Run Our Hearts Around

Let Spirits Ride


Radiant Hearts