Cate Le Bon Live on KCRW: Fold the Cloth & New Song Seaside

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Cate Le Bon has been this almost mythical creature to me with an otherworldly voice and songs that evoke the late ‘60s but have their own strange vibe. Strange in a good way.

I’ve learned a few things about her along the way: She’s Welsh (but prefers to sing in English cause Welsh is a “tricky language”). She loves horses.  She writes her music in the dark.

All of these elements help you make sense of her sound, but even more so something I learned yesterday – her biggest inspirations were Welsh rockers Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and the psychedelic stylings of Super Furry Animals.

Her live session did not disappoint, especially seeing her shred on guitar. AND she treated us to two songs that have not been released (they’re set for an upcoming EP release) and a thank you for all of KCRW’s early support.

Seaside” reminded me immediately of Jefferson Airplane and gives us an idea of where Cate is headed. Enjoy it below and visit the full session in the archives here.


Cate Le Bon Live on KCRW – Set List

Fold the Cloth


Falcon Eyed

Puts Me to Work

The Man I Wanted

Ploughing Out Part 1 & 2


That Moon