Chopin, Scriabin: The Beauty of Classical Music

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I recently posted a piece on Chopin and Baden Powell and how musically (I mean in terms of feeling, psychic and sonic imagery)  they can be connected.   [audio:éludes-Op.-28-4-In-E-Minor1.mp3|titles=04 Chopin_ Préludes, Op. 28 – #4 In E Minor][audio:|titles=01 Scriabin_ Etude In C Sharp Minor, Op. 2_1]I want also to compare the Chopin Prelude with an Etude of Alexander Scriabin, the great Russian piano composer.  Scriabin (1872-1915)  composed three generations later than Chopin ((1810-1849), but until the later sonatas used Chopin’s music as muse and major influence.  Scriabin even slept with Chopin’s sheet music under his pillow.  Here are two short pieces that penetrate the soul with a deep and elegant beauty. Croatian pianist Ivo Pogorelich plays the Chopin, the great Vladimir Horowitz performs the Scriabin.

Mikhail Pletnev and Xiayin Wang also have beautiful all-Scriabin cd’s.