Choreographer Fatima Robinson is Our Guest DJ – MJ, Sade, Slick Rick and More

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FatimaRobinsonFatima Robinson’s work is seen on the biggest stages in venues around the world, as well as on TV shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” As a choreographer and music video director, she has worked with huge musical artists like Michael Jackson, Sade and the Black Eyed Peas so we were curious to see what songs influenced her throughout her life and career on the Guest DJ Project.

Michael Jackson fans will enjoy her behind-the-scenes story about choreographing his “Remember the Time” video, including his particular way of counting beats. She also talks about the effortless sensuality of another artist she worked with – Sade. Fatima said “she was probably the only artist I’ve ever worked with where I go ‘wow, I wish I could move like her.’  Instead of making them move like me.”

She also named Aaliyah as her favorite artist she has ever worked with and gave a loving tribute to the singer, who died tragically in a plane crash after the last video they worked on together for the single “Rock the Boat.”

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