Chris Robley – “Anonymous”

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Longtime Portland, Oregon-based singer/songwriter Chris Robley is now Portland, Maine-based singer/songwriter Chris Robley.  Whatever he has about places called Portland is not for us to conjecture here.  What we will ponder is how he was able to successfully lip-sync in reverse the lyrics to his new track, “Anonymous,” while being dunked in and out of the pool at a local YWCA, as seen on the track’s clever video, which we are happy to be premiering here:

It’s a charming trick, well suited for the crafty tune, with its elliptical main guitar riff set atop a sturdy three-minute indie-rock structure that is familiar, yet absolutely fresh at the same time.  “Anonymous” appears on The Great Make Believer, his first album in five years, and while those years have apparently been tumultuous for him, Chris Robley is at the top of his game with his new work, no matter which coast he resides in.