Chromeo Live on KCRW & at the Hollywood Bowl!

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— from DJ Dan Wilcox, who loves to spin the dance jams every Saturday from midnight to 3am.

CHROMEO copyAs someone who spent a lot of time both listening to music AND watching TV throughout the 80’s, it’s no surprise that I am drawn to the Montreal-based electro-dance duo Chromeo, whose music feels like a surprisingly fresh mix of Hall & Oats, Shalamar & something from the ‘Knight Rider’ soundtrack.

These guys are so well versed in obscure 80’s dance R&B (I recommend their superfreak-y mixtapes of jamz from the era, ‘Un Joli Mix Pour Toi’ & ‘Ce Soir On Danse’) and their joyous recreations of it in their own music, I am imagining they sleep with an Roland 808 and only speak to each other through a vocoder.

The duo are soon to release their major-label debut, ‘Business Casual’, and will be performing alongside The Chemical Brothers and YACHT at the next installment of KCRW’s World Festival Series at The Hollywood Bowl, the perfect opener to get the crowd moving.  Their music is so irresistible you will only need 3 things to get yourself bouncin’ to the beat this Sunday at the Bowl: 2 ears and an ass.

Here’s a preview, check out their single “Don’t Turn the Lights On.”

Dan Wilcox

Editor’s Note: Chromeo will bring their slick riffs and hook heavy funk to Morning Becomes Eclectic on Monday, August 30 at 11:15am!