Cold Cave Live on KCRW

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I can’t think of a more perfect band to play a live set on Friday the 13th. Cold Cave stopped by on Friday in support of their second release on Matador Records, “Cherish the Light Years.” The main difference from their debut according to frontman Wesley Eisold? Recording in a studio vs. recording in a bedroom.

The beautiful thing about synthpop is that is CAN be made in a bedroom but, what’s great about Cold Cave’s new songs is that they still maintain all that moody darkness but sound like they were made for a much larger audience. Literally — like arenas over rock clubs.

Wesley says they transformed through “experimentation and learning,” not out of an effort to be more accessible. Thematically, the album explores the “idea of nostalgia – the positives, the negatives of it. And towing the line between reminiscing fondly on things and reminiscing too often on things that aren’t so healthy or positive.”

Take a listen and hear it for yourself

(sadly there’s no video on this one)