Cool Video of the Week – J Viewz

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I get hundreds of emails a day. Many of them contain music people want me to listen to and various band “pitches”. I scan and delete most of them but every now and then something catches my eye.

I got an email from Jonathan Dagan, a Brooklyn-based producer behind the project j. viewz, with a link to a video for the song “Rivers and Homes”. It said “2000 photos, 300 fans, no computer fakery there”. Color me curious!

The video is incredible. A euphoric rush of music and images to match. Watch:

It’s that kind of life-affirming electronic music I love, combined with a concept that warmed my heart. A perfect three-minute musical moment to start the weekend.

More on the video:

Brooklyn-based producer with director Shelly Carmel  treated the video portion, which was shot mostly in upstate New-York, while photographer Eran Amir created the stop-motion part using 2000 printed frames during a j.viewz tour in Israel earlier this year.


by Billy Kidd