5 Songs to Hear This Week: Daniel Caesar x BadBadNotGood, Doechii, and more

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Daniel Caesar (Feat. BadBadNotGood) – “Please Do Not Lean”

Brutal honesty, move over — it’s time for some gorgeous truth-telling. Canadian singer-songwriter and deeply self-aware dude Daniel Cesar digs deep in this paean to realism in romance. Featuring an inventive structure, layered harmonies, and chef’s kiss instrumentation from KCRW-faves BadBadNotGood, this track snuck out while we were still shaking off the Coachella dust last month. All these weeks later, it’s still incredibly therapeutic.

The Bongo Hop (Feat. Nidia Góngora) – “La Ñapa”

Get your hips on deck for this one. The latest mover from The Bongo Hop, project of French producer and trumpet-blower Etienne Sevet, wisely recruits Afro-Colombian singer Nidia Góngora, who is known for spicing up folkloric traditions with contemporary flavors. Featuring clean lines, sharp horns, and an infectious Latin beat layered under Góngora’s storyteller style, this one’s guaranteed to heat things up for you real quick.

Kikagaku Moyo – “Gomugomu” 

Where’s the line between influence and innovation? Trick question: the line does not exist. Hit play on this twangy, free-flowing cut from Japanese psychedelic rock luminaries Kikagaku Moyo to see nirvana in a whole new light. Revel in it while you can, as the band’s (alleged) final album, “Kumoyo Island,” dropped last week. 

Doechii – “Persuasive”  

We realize that it’s safe to assume that an esteemed music-head such as yourself will have already heard this select — whether pouring out of car speakers, lighting up your neighborhood spot, or broadcast by our own KCRW DJs, it’s certainly making the rounds. But don’t skip today’s invitation to rinse this undeniably massive banger (and first major label single) from American rapper and next big thing Doechii. We’re subbed for life <3 

Maddee – “Red Mind” 

This long-simmering selection from queer vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Maddee is a standout from her 2019 EP. Perhaps it’s new to you? Ethereal, dreamy, and deeply authentic, this track’s a sure thing for time spent looking inward. Drop in and explore the big-lung vocals, sensual guitar riffs, and non-traditional structure of this soulful stunner.