DeVotchka’s “100 Other Lovers”

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devotchkaThe pledge drive is one of just a handful of times during the year that a bunch of the DJs get together. Even though fundraising can be stressful, the best part is we get to share our favorite music discoveries of the moment. And one of the new albums I kept hearing about over and over again is the new DeVotchKa.

This band has a history with KCRW – their inclusion in “Little Miss Sunshine,” in big part thanks to DJ Anne Litt,” launched their career to a new level. But, even more than that, we just love their music, a fusion of sounds I won’t discredit by trying to describe them. They are truly original and don’t fit into any genre category easily. Except the “good” category.

Check out the video for their first singe “100 Other Lovers” and judge for yourself.  (and check out the Denver band’s 2008 appearance on Morning Becomes Eclectic)

The album is our on March 1 and DeVotchKa will be coming through LA on March 12 for a date at the Music Box. Pick up tickets  and check out the rest of their tour dates here.