Digitalism Live on KCRW: Second Chance

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Digitalism recently made their Morning Become Eclectic debut and while the title track of their latest release “Second Chance” was clearly a highlight, longtime fans will appreciate their remix of Riton’s “I Need Your Love” as well as “Zdarlight” from their debut album, and another early favorite “Pogo”.

Host Jason Bentley
mentioned how the German duo first came on the scene when a “hard electro sound” was popular, following the emergence of the “robot rock” of Daft Punk.

The band responded by saying they started making music – particularly dance with a punk flair — out of necessity.

“We started doing what we’re doing because we couldn’t find that music out there. So we started making this for our DJ sets. We couldn’t find it so we had to make it ourselves.”

We’re so glad they did and we look forward to more in the future!