Director Jason Reitman Found His Favorite New Band at Sundance

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Gemma Dempsey, producer of KCRW’s The Treatment, had a chance run in with Director Jason Reitman (Up in the Air, Juno) at Sundance and he excitedly shared his latest musical discovery! More below…

From Jason Reitman: Consider Yourself Awesome. Consider Me A Fan.

Sundance is a festival of unexpected highlights.  Unlike anything from Cannes to Coachella, where you might presume which act will blow you away, this is a festival of complete discovery.  While I’ve seen brilliant films this year, for which I cannot go into detail as a zip-lipped member of the dramatic jury, my personal highlight as of Tuesday morning is a live performance of the band Fall On Your Sword.

They were performing at the Another Earth party, a movie for which they wrote the original score. I was just about to leave for some much-needed sleep when live from the stage, I heard an (I-shit-you-not) electronic version of “I’d Do Anything” from the musical Oliver.

It was accompanied by visuals of Battlestar Galactica robots seemingly singing the song with the band.  It was dark, strange, cool, moving, and absolutely hypnotic.

I ditched my friends, ran up to the stage, and joined the bouncing crowd for four more songs including a track that used Captain Kirk dialogue from Star Trek.

Within a week, I can finally start sharing with my friends all my favorite films, but for now consider me the newest member of the Fall On Your Sword fan club.

Jason Reitman