Download Brett Dennen’s Live Session on KCRW

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(Brett Dennen’s recent Morning Becomes Eclectic performance is available for download until June 2, get it while you can!)

From KCRW volunteer Taryn Olsen:

I was introduced to Brett Dennen when I went to see Mason Jennings a few years back at Santa Monica High School. There were strict fire code regulations in the auditorium and the security guards stood in the aisles asking people to stay seated.

Everybody complied nicely until Brett Dennen took the stage.

He played, “When You Feel It You Know” from his album “So Much More” and it was all over. People were dancing in the seats, in the aisles, in the lobby – there was nothing anybody could do to stop people from moving and shaking all over.

I said to Eric J. Lawrence one morning when Jason Bentley first started playing new songs from “Loverboy” on Morning Becomes Eclectic that I can try to fight it, but every time he has a new album, I end up falling in love with Brett Dennen and all of his songs all over again.

Indeed, love was definitely in the air when Brett Dennen came through KCRW a few weeks back for a performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic. “Loverboy” is full of catchy pop creations with a funky throw back sensibility that had everybody smiling over their morning coffee. And If I hadn’t fallen completely in love with him before, his interview definitely pushed me over the edge to total adoration. He’s such an easy going, happy person and it comes across so genuinely in performance and in conversation.

Brett Dennen’s recent performance is now available online for download as a podcast. It’s definitely worth adding to your collection of great KCRW podcasts (unreal – you can have all these live performances for your very own!?). But just a warning, it’s gonna make you dance.

— Taryn Olsen

Brett Dennen at KCRW's SXSW Showcase by Marc D'Amour