Download: T. Rex’s “Solid Gold Easy Action” (Dan Wilcox remix)

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T. Rex on the new T. Rex vs. KCRW Soundclash Remix EP.

You can stream the entire EP right now and download the remix of “Solid Gold Easy Action”, (just right click on the download link and “save as.”)

Or, download from Soundcloud.

More From KCRW DJ Dan Wilcox:

The path that led me to T.Rex was a strange and somewhat winding one.  At 14, I was fully immersed in a Goth stage where bands like The Cure, Joy Division, Christian Death and Siouxsie & the Banshees ruled my turntable.  I probably would have worn white makeup and eyeliner if I didn’t think I would get my ass kicked on my middle-school bus.  My favorite band was Bauhaus and I was particularly drawn to their song “Telegram Sam” — it took me a while to realize this was actually a cover song, originally done by T.Rex.

On a whim I picked up The Slider and, once I put it on, it was like getting slapped out of my gloomy Gothic doldrums with a giant glittered backhand.

That intoxicating mix of Godzilla guitars and heavy strings — I had never heard anything quite like it.

It was the Technicolor to the Goth music’s black and white.  It was my antidote.  Truthfully, as much as I liked all that music, I never really felt very Goth.  This felt more like me.  I never looked back.

From then on, it was all T.Rex, then Bowie, Lou Reed, New York Dolls, etc., etc.  I listened to as much of the work of Marc Bolan as I could get my hands on.  So when I heard that KCRW was putting together a Soundclash remix project of the music of T.Rex, I didn’t wait to be asked. I lobbied for it.

Hope you enjoy.

— Dan Wilcox