Eels Live On KCRW: “Wonderful, Glorious”

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It can be a rare thing to have the interview portion of Morning Becomes Eclectic be just as entertaining as the artists performance but, then again, Eels frontman Mark Oliver Everett or “E” is a unique man.

It’s equally out of the ordinary for an artist to have their guitar strings attached directly to their hear while they play with every emotion all at once and then be able to crack jokes about getting their beard down to “fightin’ weight” and a band-only Valentines Day gift exchange on a tour bus.

But then again, Eels is a rare band.

The session started out with the song, “On The Ropes” which is about a man who’s been through it all and then some but still presses on to fight another day. A Metaphor? Perhaps, but maybe E is just inspired by stories of fighters. At least that’s what he’s training his beard to be.

He may wear his heart on his sleeve during everyone testaments to pain and heartache, but the guy can also make you laugh, which makes this session worth revisiting.

Eels Live On KCRW–Setlist

On The Ropes
In My Dreams
Open My Present
The Turnaround

Fresh Feeling
Trouble With Dreams
I Am Building A Shrine
Wonderful, Glorious

Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac cover)

*Photo by Larry Hirshowitz