Electro Swing and High Flying Humans at Kurios

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File Jan 20, 4 07 24 PM
Photo by Dustin Downing
Photo by Dustin Downing
Photo by Dustin Downing

If you’re a fan of steam punk, death defying stunts, contortionists and gypsy jazz/ electro swing, the latest offering from Cirque du Soleil called Kurios is for you.

There is a world of wonder inside the pop up tent at Dodger Stadium — it’s safe to say I spent at least 70% of the show with my mouth open in shock because of the breathtaking stunts. It really makes you appreciate what the human body is capable of (with an insane amount of training and practice, of course) — from the high flying humans flipping through the air by bouncing off a giant net to the synchronized acrobatics and pyramids of the final act.

The evening started with the band making their way around the crowd and they sounded like the love child of Gogol Bordello and Bitter: Sweet. They added an incredible amount of energy to the proceedings with band members occasionally taking center stage for a moment in the spotlight (like an opening performance with two of the drummers).

Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities” will be staged at Dodger Stadium until February 7. Check out the video below and you can hear the full soundtrack on Spotify.