Fandom: Hozier on Tinariwen

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After a breakthrough performance on Saturday Night Live, Hozier shared the music that has been inspiring him with KCRW as part of our Fandom series. He made his US radio debut on KCRW earlier this year!

I’ve been listening quite a bit to music from Mali over the past few months…Ali Fake Touré and Tinariwen, rediscovering their beautiful style of desert folk-blues.

Tinariwen’s album ‘Tassili‘ is very much worth a listen. I was first drawn to the music and guitar playing (not understanding the words), but also find the lyrical themes fascinating having looked them up, reflecting an embattled people fighting civil war in a very different part of the world. It’s sang and performed so gently which is an interesting contrast too.

‘One scorching afternoon, I stretch my fingers and limbs
My skin burns like an incandescent fire log
I carry a brand new sword, all sharpened,
And a brand new rifle, all greased,
Loaded with a couple of bullets that bear bad news
And whistle like two migrating birds
As they fly over the teshaqq and agar trees
From which they get no nourishment.’