Fandom: <strong>Mew</strong> on “Paddy McAloon” of Prefab Sprout

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Danish rockers Mew released their 6th studio album + – this Spring and we asked them to share an artist they are digging in advance of their Morning Becomes Eclectic appearance on September 21. From singer Jonas Bjerre:

“After we put out our first album on a small independent label in Copenhagen, a bunch of reviewers compared my voice to that of Paddy McAloon of Prefab Sprout, saying that it was clear where I took my inspiration. I was curious and had a listen, and although I could not for the life of me understand the comparison (save maybe for a certain softness in parts of our voices) I was deeply enthralled with the music.

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Such imagination and inventiveness in their songs. Paddy McAloon is one of my favorite composers, singers and lyricists of all time. I’ve had numerous discussions with people who do not share my love for the Prefabs, arguing that the band is too polished and has no edge to them, but I could not disagree more.

There is plenty of edge to them, in the strangely familiar yet alien transitions, and in their ambitious songwriting. These songs are panoramas of human emotion, history and storytelling.

There is something so tragic about Paddy’s love songs. Paddy has a tendency to write almost biographical songs about legendary people, giving them a melancholy twists, which feels like a very honest projection of himself into those characters. I love that.

There is also something tragic about Prefab Sprout as a band, in how in some ways they have just been too clever for their own good, I really think so.

The subject matter in the songs, and the wit of Paddy’s compositions has been their Achilles’ heel in some way, I think, alienating a whole bunch of listeners who were looking for something more universal in pop music. And kept them from achieving the level of fame and stardom they truly deserve.

Their album Steve McQueen is arguably their most famous, but my favorites are Jordan: The Comeback and their first album Swoon.” –Mew

Check out a highlight from Mew’s latest release below 

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