Fandom: The Sea and Cake on Jessica Pratt

Written by
Jessica Pratt

While hanging out in the studio after recording a session for KCRW, the Sea and Cake’s lead singer Sam Prekop launched into a passionate pitch for Jessica Pratt’s record On Your Own Love Again – saying that on their current tour, him and Archer Prewitt have been “unable to listen to any other record.” Sam says she “cast a spell” on them, adding that it’s been a long time since he’s been so smitten with a record.

Archer added his own words of praise, calling her a “melodic genius.” He said he discovered the artist via the Drag City newsletter and it’s been a love-fest ever since.

They wrestled over picking a favorite track, deciding on “Game That I Play” due to the lyrics, with Sam saying ““the first line is like a song unto itself.”

“People’s faces blend together like a watercolor you can’t remember in time”


p.s. Sam Prekop / The Sea and Cake session will be airing next month!