Favorite Fill Music from KCRW DJs

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Every week we do a tally of the most played songs on Morning Becomes Eclectic (which you will see if you follow MBE on Twitter or Facebook!) and a curious one showed up on last week’s list.

It was a 2001 album by an artist named Outside, which Jason tends to favor as a music bed. One listen to the album and it’s easy to hear why. (You can hear some samples on YouTube or stream via Spotify)

It inspired me to hit up a few other KCRW DJs and ask them about their favorite “fill music” of the moment. These are the songs that the DJs talk over when they’re telling you what they’ve played and what’s coming up next.

I call them mood savers because they preserve the tone of the musical journey we’re on while our helpful hosts relay the information we’ve been waiting for.

Many of the DJs have old favorites they go back to over and over (a KCRW classic is the artist Japancakes) but these are some new favorites!

Anne Litt:

John Tejada — “Slice From The Past”

Anthony Valadez:

Eliot Lip’s “Temporary Residence”, which you can stream on Beatport . And download the full album for free here.

Flying Lotus’ “Turtle”, which is available via Spotify and this super smooth track from BadBadNotGood.

Raul Campos

The Budos Band – “The Sticks”

Jason Kramer:

Sivu – “Miracle”

Travis Holcombe:

Psychemagik – “Chimera”

p.s.: Psychemagik will be performing live at the Standard Downtown on Wednesday, October 22, as part of their Magik Sunset tour.

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