First Fridays for February 2013: Gaslamp Killer

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First Fridays at the Natural History Museum are without question one of my most most favoritest events in Los Angeles.

Drinking and listening to good music in the halls surrounded by antelope, T.Rex and the elephants is one of the trippiest, best nights out you can have in the City of Angels.

Next First Friday (on Feb 1st) is no exception as the Natural History Museum welcomes LA’s Dublab and Brainfeeder for a night of truly off-the-chain beat-driven psychedelia from Daedelus and Dublab’s Frosty (under the moniker Adventure Time) and bonafide madman The Gaslamp Killer. Additionally the DJ Lounge will be hosted all night by DJ Soda Pop, Inka One and Paul Dateh.

If you’ve never seen The Gaslamp Killer live, I assure you it’s well worth any amount of time spent in line, as he is a truly uniquely unbelievable DJ and consummate performer. Like some dark, wiccan wizard, GLK (nee William Bensussen) literally attacks the turntables with an energy of a violent butcher and precision of a surgeon, mixing old school hip-hop and LA beat music with Black Sabbath like they were meant to sit together in the mix. It’s a visceral and super sharp sonic barrage that simply has to be witnessed to be believed. And I can literally think of no better setting to experience it than beneath the shadow of history’s greatest predator.

Below is a downloadable sample of GLK’s deft mixing from his Soundcloud. Get ready.

The Gaslamp Killer – Gaslampkillers (Mix) by gaslampkiller