Frazey Ford Live on KCRW

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Frazey Ford, who you may recognize as the frontwoman for folk trio the Be Good Tanyas, gave us a live set of solo material that eased us smoothly back into action after a long holiday weekend. Her unique voice is the star of the show and it shines with the help of a few musicians in the studio, including her Be Good Tanya’s bandmateTricia Klein. She played our favorites off her solo debut, including “Firecracker,” as well as two killer covers – Bob Dylan’sOne More Cup of Coffee” and Otis Redding’sHappy Song.” I’m an Otis devotee and I barely recognized the song until halfway through, which is a great compliment to anyone covering a track so well known. Frazey Ford certainly has a style all her own and it was a beautiful set this morning. Check it all out in the archives here


Set List


Bird of Paradise

If You Gonna Go

Blue Streak Mama

One More Cup of Coffee

Lost Together

Happy Song