Generationals Live on KCRW

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Yesterday I left the front office to grab some coffee and found Generationals’ singer/guitarist Ted Joyner wandering the hallways with a guitar strapped across his chest. He was holding it like a security blanket, trying to edge out any pre-show jitters.

I’ve been REALLY looking forward to this set — their 2009 debut Con Law was in my car for an entire summer and I would almost always listen to it twice in a row, because I was never ready for it to end. They followed that up with an excellent EP and another full length and played songs from all of them yesterday. Check out the set here.

The New Orleans-based band is playing in LA tonight (7/14) at the Echo so catch them while you can!


p.s.: there is an RR sighting in the video at about the :50 second mark. I’m the dancing girl.

The Generationals Live on KCRW

You Say It Too

Angry Charlie

Nobody Could Change Your Mind

Yours Forever

When They Fight, They Fight Trust


Please Be It

Tell Me Now