Get Ready for People Get Ready

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Miranda July selected them as part of her Guest DJ Project set.

They released an EP last November and are now preparing to unleash their debut full length, which will be out on Brassland Records, the label owned by Bryce and Aaron Dessner of The National.

The Brooklyn-based band consists of four artists from all over the musical map (including a former member of Yeasayer and former guitarist for David Byrne)  They got their start doing a run of shows at an art house and you can kinda hear that experimental sound in their vivid electronic pop  — as their bio says, it’s “propelled by swirling and swelling harmonies, hard-to-shake melodies, ornate guitar work and high-energy rhythms set to a vocal ebb and flow led by Reker but harmonized and intensified by the entire band.” That pretty much covers it!

Check out the new track “Middle Name”.