5 Songs to Hear This Week: Ginger Root, SASAMI, RM

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(Ginger) Roots run deep. Photo by: Cameron Lew

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Ginger Root – “No Problems” 

Any professional creative will identify with the narrative presented in the music video for this bouncy new track from one-man musical project Ginger Root. Steeped in a vintage kitsch style and portraying the struggle of being creatively ripped off by corporate overlords, the action-packed video is a good match for the song’s bright and catchy chorus. Don’t worry, our hero triumphs in the end… by going solo. No people, no problems!

Jayson Green & The Jerk – “Local Jerk”

Here’s a track perfect for ordering a beer and a shot, planting yourself on a stool, and eating peanuts with your fellow barflies while griping about what’s buggin’ ya… But make it ultra-modern. Musician Jayson Greene’s latest project shares its name with this confident single which is laden with chanted group vocals, explosive sax, a funky bassline, and disco pew-pews reminiscent of Pino D'Angiò’s iconic hit from 1981. Don’t be a jerk, hit play to listen now.

RM – “LOST!”

Korean artist RM was known as Rap Monster when leading the hugely popular boy band BTS, but you won’t hear much of those K-Pop origins on this track. These days he keeps the tunes flowing under his solo moniker of RM, with mixtapes and collabs since 2015 and his first full-length, Indigo, in 2022. This latest release is a shining triumph — a blend of pop sensibilities, swaggily delivered rap bars, and super-sharp production that’s rich in elements without ever overloading the ear. As a bonus, the high-concept video is one of the best we’ve seen in a minute. 

SASAMI – “Honeycrash”

Heartbroken? Process your feelings with ripping guitars, crashing cymbals, and explosive visuals from this big-feelings ballad about breaking up. SASAMI, who you may have known originally as part of the KCRW-honoring LA band Cherry Glazerr, cites heavy metal and industrial as genres of influence in her solo career. But there’s a twist. Click quick to experience the juxtaposition of her soft-edged vocals against the deliciously aggro music — a lamb among wolves in the sonic landscape. Ok, honey.

som som – “Dreaming (Feat. Dom Beats)”

Here’s your invitation to get in early on an artist currently under the radar, but sure to pop off.  “Indie for introverts,” is the way that som som describes their sound and we are very much here for that. We don’t know much else about them yet, but this track speaks volumes. Gleaming synths, funky bass, and long deep reverb on R&B style vocals make this groover a satisfying, full-bodied listen. And just when you thought you knew what to expect: big fat sax solo. Click play and dream on.