Gold Panda Live on KCRW

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Gold Panda is hard to categorize. The UK artist (birth name Derwin Panda — yes, really) told Jason today that his music works better in a rock venue because, from his perspective, its not dance music. He says his live set is noisy and not exactly what you would expect from an electronica artist. In fact, his set apparently caused the formation of a mosh pit at the Troubadour over the weekend — not something you would see at a rave.

Panda also told us not to expect to see a band joining on stage soon, as he likes “complete control,” and to keep things simple.

I can only imagine it’s hard to translate music you create in your bedroom live to ANY audience in fact, but he does it well.

“You” in particular strikes these emotional chords with me that I can’t quite explain, but I think its universal among those that hear the song. Panda says its purposeful, which makes it all the more interesting.

Take a listen and try it yourself. The full set is in the archives here.

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