Hear a New Song From KCRW DJ Gary Calamar – “Giddy”

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Longtime DJ and acclaimed music supervisor (for shows like True Blood, Dexter, Six Feet Under) Gary Calamar will release his solo debut next week on Atlantic Records.

He’s been playing guitar for years but emerged on a songwriter when Iggy Pop and Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino recorded a track he wrote for Season 5 of True Blood called Let’s Boot and Rally”.

Many of the songs on the EP, entitled “You Are What You Listen To”, started as demos around that time. My clear favorite is the romantic pop song “Giddy”, which you can hear below.

Gary tells us the story behind the song:

“Although it was just recorded this summer, “Giddy” is the oldest song on my new EP.

“I wrote it when I met a young girl named Alice and the ecstatically GIDDY feelings we were feeling when we first met and started to fall in love.

We have now been married for over 20 years and we are still feeling pretty darn GIDDY.

Technically speaking, I had set up a songwriting challenge for myself to keep the same rhyme going though out the entire song.

Pretty witty, huh?”

Their daughter Zoe sings on another track so it’s a real family affair!

Gary will play a free record release show at noon THIS Sunday October 12 at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood as part of his Mimosa Music Series.

“You Are What You Listen To” Tracklisting

1.I Got An Idea
2.Giddy (Lead single)
3.Minimum Day
4.She’s So Mid-Century
5.The Last Revolution
6.Back Door Man