Henry Rollins Spinning at Amoeba THIS Saturday For Record Store Day

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On one day each year independent record stores around the world unite to celebrate the joys of music and crate-digging. Amoeba Hollywood has a few special activities planned, included a DJ set from KCRW’s own Henry Rollins at 2pm THIS Saturday, April 16.

amoebaLogoAfter his set, he’ll hang out with fans and sign copies of his spoken word and music releases before heading to KCRW for his weekly show from 6 to 8pm ( always available on demand in the archives here).

The all-day celebration at Amoeba will also include special gift bags (while they last), limited edition vinyl and CD releases, t-shirt silk screening and more.

From Henry:

“Music is one of the main ingredients that gets us through the hard times and the existential flat line that life can be all too often. Without music, life can be a monumental drag. If you love these bands, you want to keep everyone fed and going down the trail. So whenever you can …buy a record! If you’re hungry, buy the record, skip the sandwich. The bands are depending on you to keep this thing going.

Not enough good music will never be a problem. Not enough time to listen to all the good music that’s out there is the problem. That’s a great problem and the solution is to be part of that problem. Hey now!

Support bands and Record Store Day. You are a huge part of what makes it happen. As Sun Ra once said, ‘The music is listening.’”

Something fun if, like me, you’re not headed to the desert for Coachella!