Holy Ghost! Live on KCRW — “Okay”

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Brooklyn-based duo Holy Ghost! have an infectious dance sound that’s nearly impossible to sit still through. I would venture a guess that even when the band themselves are playing , the urge to move around is unbearable, unless of course you have no room to move in.

Well, on their visit to Morning Becomes Eclectic recently that’s just what happened.

Playing live from the Village Studios (KCRW’s studios being used for the semi-annual pledge drive) the duo transformed itself into and 8-some and those usually spacious studios converted into a crowded New York apartment. (I’m guessing they’re crowded — I’ve never lived there, but I’ve seen movies)

Nevertheless, the group pushed on and popped dance track after dance track, mostly coming from the James Murphy co-produced album which just so happens to live on the LCD front man’s indie label, DFA.

Another quirk was the fact that our engineers couldn’t get rid of an echo behind Jason’s voice during the interview. A hazard of remote broadcasts to be sure, but while the imperfection may have been a nuisance to our ears, a few audience members begged to differ.

Moby emailed Jason during the show and said “Hey, I like the echo, it sounds kind of cool!”

Thanks, Moby.

Holy Ghost! Live on KCRW Set List
Dumb Disco Ideas
Changing Of The Guard
Hold My Breath
I Will Come Back
Wait And See
Hold On

Holy Ghost! all packed in