How to Warm Up a Frosty February Wedding in Moscow

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This video of a late-February wedding in Moscow is circulating the internet. It’s a crowd of young, connected people, but what’s interesting is that the music is not the latest hip hop song by Kanye West or Jay Z, but an eight-decades old song which was penned in 1929 by a famous tin pan alley song by Irving Berlin. Berlin (Israel Isidore Baline) was born in the Russian village of Tyumen near the Siberian border in 1888. Berlin lived a long and successful life, and died in 1989. The song, “Puttin’ On The Ritz”, referred to the swanky Ritz Hotel and the need to dress bespokenly and comport oneself stylishly there. On this reel you can see that youth audiences in Russia are watching YouTube and seeing the latest dance videos. They’ve got the moves down pat, dancing up a storm to the boom box blaring out the ancient ditty.

Check out this video:

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