Jason Bentley Helps Launch David Lynch’s Electronic Career

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LYNCH 12Earlier this year, Jason Bentley unknowingly played legendary filmmaker David Lynch’s first foray into electronic music on Morning Become Eclectic and announced it as an Underworld track, only to be corrected in a phone call a few moments later.

And, what started out as a simple mistake, became the beginning of Lynch’s career as an electronic artist. Jason put the song “Good Day Today” in the hands of folks at Sunday Best Recordings during the International Music Summit in Ibiza and they snapped up the release soon after, signing the track for the world. The single is finally available today exclusively via iTunes, with the  trippy blues track “I Know.”

It’s a pretty great story of mistaken MP3 identity. I was listening when it happened and I was also convinced it was an Underworld song!

Good Day Today” features Lynch on vocals and production duties.  He truly is a creative icon having mastered so many mediums, from the photography work he did on the Dark Night of the Soul project to his unique filmmaking style. We got a chance to find out some of his favorite songs as part of KCRW’s Guest DJ Project and it’s a must listen! His personal tracklist is below.

David Lynch Guest DJ Project Tracklist

1.) Elvis Presley – That’s All Right
2.) Jimi Hendrix – Wild Thing
3.) Big Brother and the Holding Company – Ball and Chain
4.) Otis Redding – I’ve been Loving You Too Long
5.) Richard Strauss – Im Abendrot