Johnathan Rice Covers Jonathan Richman Live on KCRW

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Johnathan Rice by Rob LaFond

Brain Eno is largely credited for saying that, even though The Velvet Underground’s debut album only sold about 30,000 copies, “everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band

Case in point Jonathan Rice—or more directly—Jonathan Richman.

In 1969, Richman moved to New York after becoming inspired by The Velvet Underground and their co-founder Lou Reed to become a musician. He even lived with their manager at the time and after a failed go at it in the city, moved back to Massachusetts. There he founded The Modern Lovers and began recording demos with The Velvet Underground’s producer John Cale.

This is apropos of the passing of Lou Reed on Sunday, October 27th which sent a ripple of emotion and remembrance around the world. Many are still processing this loss, nearly all of them connected in some ways to the music community.

Which brings us full circle to Johnathan Rice, who came to KCRW recently and played a wonderful session on Morning Becomes Eclectic , including a cover of Richman’s “That Summer Feeling”.

Johnathan Rice Live on KCRW — “That Summer Feeling” (Jonathan Richman cover)

Rice’s personal style is pure Southern California and the whole set is worth a listen. Check out a highlight below.