KCRW DJ Gary Calamar Remixes The Who — “Eminence Front” (C.A.G.E. Remix)

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The Who was my first favorite band & Pete Townshend has always been a hero of mine.

Recently, the people at Spirit Music—which is Pete’s publishing company –threw out the idea of me doing a remix of a Who song. I emphatically said YES and sprang into Townshend-style windmills and scissor kicks as I played my air guitar in the mirror.

After some extensive consternation and hand-wringing, I finally decided which song to pick and went with what I call the last great Who song –-“Eminence Front. It seemed to be screaming out for a remix

I enlisted some talented friends to work with me on it: Willie Aron who is an extraordinary musician and wizard producer John Girgus to help see this project through.

We call ourselves C.A.G.E. and we are beyond thrilled and honored to work with this profound material.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

-Gary Calamar

The Who – Eminence Front (C.AG.E. Remix)

Editor’s Note: If you like this remix, keep an ear out for the C.A.G.E. edit of “The Seeker”.

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