KCRW Exclusive: DJ Anthony Valadez Premieres the Video for “Searching For” Feat. Miles Bonny

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av and miles bonny

Editor’s Note: LA label Plug Research will be releasing the latest full length from KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez, called “In Search Of”, on March 18. He gives us a sneak peek behind the making of the video for the track “Searching For” featuring Miles Bonny.

From Anthony:

This song captures exactly where I find myself at this point in my life.

Miles Bonny is an artist I have worked with previously and has chosen to move from Kansas City to New Mexico where he has hand built a home for his family.

He and I have done shows together and have always talked about why do we do what we do — about the hustle behind the grind. These thoughts took form in this song entitled “Searching For” which is off my new album entitled “In Search Of“.

Director Yash Dhillon has an amazing eye and is a total visual geek. We took a road trip to the beautiful land of Taos and explored the rocky regions, the mud, and met with the locals. They seemed to want something other than the daily grind and to exist more at peace with the Earth. The video shows Miles in his living environment off the grid.