KCRW Exclusive: Download Ki:Theory’s Remix of Cypress Hill x Rusko’s “Shots Go Off”

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Ki: Theory by Johnny Hugel (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Hip-hop legends Cypress Hill and Dubstep DJ/Producer Rusko have been working on an EP together – “Cypress x Rusko” – which will finally be out this April. It’s a hotly anticipated collaboration combining the striking, signature sound of LA’s own Cypress Hill alongside Rusko’s unmistakable beats and we’re getting an early listen thanks to master remixer Ki:Theory. (Warning: explicit)

Ki:Theory a.k.a. Joel Burleson, has taken on Cypress x Rusko’s new track “Shots Go Off” and here is an exclusive stream (and download!) of the remix and his story about how he brought his version to life!

From Joel:

“I came up in the 90’s, so Cypress Hill are legends in my book. I thought it would be cool to take a few samples from “Insane In The Brain” off their album “Black Sunday” to add a little nostalgia.

For this remix, I was only provided with 2 stereo stems – an instrumental and an a capella. Usually you get at least some of the beats, riffs and bass-line separated out.  But Rusko’s sounds were so roomy and bangin on “Shot’s Go Off” I was able to go in and find little samples here and there to pull out and create a skeleton to build on.

I really liked all the gun samples he used, so I re-purposed them for a lot of my percussive elements. My Teenage Engineering OP-1 had just the right dirty preset that I tweaked into a sort of haunting orchestra synth line to bring a darker feel to the lyrics.

I tried to pick out some of the heavier phrases to add to the emotional gravity that Sen Dog and B-Real laid down in the original mix. I made a punchy chopped bass-line with my Moog Little Fatty to create a section that would contrast the heavier riff I cut and pasted out of some of Rusko’s crunchy guitars.”

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