KCRW Exclusive: Ki:Theory Remixes Rob Zombie

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KCRW Music Director Jason Bentley worked with heavy metal hero Rob Zombie to curate and executive produce a collection of remixes, I excitedly asked him to tell me all about it.

Despite his ghoulish onstage persona and outrageous horror movies, Rob is also known for being highly intellectual. Jason confirmed it, saying he was both very smart and really open minded to new ideas and influences.

The album, called “Mondo Sex Head”, will be out next Tuesday, August 7 and features a few station favorites like Ki:Theory, Photek and Big Black Delta, among many others.

Jason was particularly excited to get Ki:Theory in the mix after seeing them live at KCRW’s SXSW showcase. As he says, “they rocked hard and had a real snarl” which made them a perfect fit for something like this.

Stream their remix of “Foxy Foxy”:

Jason also mentioned how, with the rising popularity of Dubstep, there’s a genuine fusion of Rock and Electronic reflected in this record that feels very timely.

This seems to be where music is headed and if you’re a fan of Rob Zombie or any of the remixers below, it’s worth checking out!

Rob Zombie ‘Mondo Sex Head’ Track Listing:

1. ‘Thunder Kiss ‘65′ (JDevil Number Of The Beast Remix)
2. ‘Living Dead Girl’ (Photek Remix)
3. ‘Let It All Bleed Out’ (Document One Remix)
4. ‘Foxy Foxy’ (Ki:Theory Remix)
5. ‘More Human Than Human’ (Big Black Delta Remix)
6. ‘Dragula’ (††† Remix)
7. ‘Pussy Liquor’ (Ki:Theory Remix)
8. ‘Lords of Salem’ (Das Kaptial)
9. ‘Never Gonna Stop’ (Drumcorps Acid Remix)
10. ‘Superbeast’ (Kraddy Remix)
11. ‘Devil’s Hole Girls’ (Tobias Enhus Remix ft The Jane Cornish String Quartet)
12. ‘Burn’ (The Bloody Beetroots Motherfucker Remix)
13. ‘Mars Needs Women’ (Griffin Boice Remix)