KCRW Exclusive: Watch René Breton– Soft Grey Ghosts

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It’s safe to say we’re really intrigued by Nashville-based experimental pop duo René Breton. We’ve been a huge fan of their single “Botswana but hearing their new track “Soft Grey Ghosts” sealed the deal.

You can hear the ghosts in the music – listen to it and imagine being all alone on a carousel at midnight looking up at thousands of stars in the sky and a giant moon. That’s what it made me think of immediately. It’s haunting but not scarily so. It’s atmospheric and yet it taps into all these emotional places when I listen.

Band members Ryan Hurtgen and Tobin Sio self produced/directed the video in their house in East Nashville.

Their album “Asleep in Green” is available now and you can stream “Botswanahere. You will also be able to download that track for free as part of Today’s Top Tune on Monday, June 27 so sign up now!