KCRW Radio Premiere: Bibio’s delicate new song “Petals”

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Any day is a good day to find blissful sounds from Bibio waiting in my mailbox. The U.K. producer released a new song called “Petals” with a promise that more new material is on the way in Spring 2016.

It’s as delicate and beautiful as it sounds like it would be and we were happy to host the radio premiere on MBE this week.

While new work is on the way, Bibio is also reissuing two of his most celebrated albums, Fi and Ambivalence Avenue. They will be out on Nov. 27.

Two fun facts:

  • Our music librarian Eric J. Lawrence was the first to ever play Bibio on KCRW, back in 2009, when his output was “weird pastoral orchestrations” as opposed to the electronic music direction he’s taken since.
Bibio (Warp)