KCRW’s Gary Calamar and Mick Fleetwood Talk Tusk, Touring and Tequila

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I was recently invited to Maui by the nice folks at Cabo Wabo Tequilla to conduct an interview with legendary drummer and founder of Fleetwood Mac…Mick Fleetwood.

I thought about it for about a milisecond…… Maui, Mick… YES I’M IN !

Mick, who lives in Maui, was kicking off the first episode of “Off The Record” a new series that Cabo Wabo is producing where rock royalty meets rock’s future and they compare notes on their music and careers. In the premier episode, Mick is teamed up with the lovely and talented rock singer-songwriter Nicole Atkins.

As a rock history buff I could not wait to spend a little time with Mick Fleetwood and hear some of his stories about the early days of Fleetwood Mac and the highs and lows of their amazing career.

Check out this clip where I ask Mick to talk about some of his favorite Fleetwood Mac songs “Tusk”, “Oh Well” and “Go Your Own Way”.

Mick Fleetwood was there at the very beginning of the British Invasion, has played with legendary guitarist Peter Green, shared stages with John Lee Hooker and Willie Dixon and “discovered” Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham to form the Fleetwood Mac line up that made music that dominated the airwaves and sales charts in the 1970’s.

Mick has encountered more rock and roll drama on and off the stage than anyone I can think of. Sex, Drugs and glorious Rock and Roll!

–Gary Calamar