King Krule U.S. Live Radio Debut on KCRW –“Baby Blues” & “Easy Easy”

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On its exterior, King Krule plays like a relic of U.K. riot rock just waiting for an excuse to explode out onto the streets. Lead man Archy Marshall even looks the part of the pale skin, cigarette smoking youth hell bent on rebellion.

But dig a little deeper and you’ll find something quite different.

Underneath the cold British exterior is a young man – and an equally young backing band – whose skin tones are the result of hours upon hours inside the studio and not the corner pub (although they probably know where it is)

When they arrived at the Village Studios for their live U.S. radio debut on Morning Becomes Eclectic they immediately barricaded themselves in the studio for sound check.

Nearly spending two hours just playing and riffing off of each other, we had to pry them out before air time with the promise of food and coffee.

King Krule’s background is definitely jazz but Archy will drift in and out of elements of Hip-Hop and some pop R&B now and then. Drummer George Bass does and incredible job of setting the pace and transitioning in and out of tempos. Everyone in the four-piece is incredibly talented and up to the task of supporting Archy’s dynamic voice.

At a time when young artists are foregoing their natural raw energy for more of a polished sheen, King Krule lets it bubble up to the surface. Harnessing just enough energy to carry them through long studio sessions or soundchecks or what’s sure to be extended tour dates in the very near future.

King Krule Live on KCRW Set List

Has This Hit
Ocean Bed
A Lizard State
Baby Blues
Easy Easy

King Krule by Larry Hirshowitz