Korey Dane Live on MBE

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Long Beach native Korey Dane has a rebel heart and a sensitive soul. This is something you can hear in his songs, but feel even more so in person.

At 8am before our session, I walked up on Korey in the parking lot looking like James Dean in a white t-shirt with a bunch of gear, his musical compatriots (also locals, many of whom played on the new record), and his lady, none other than Zella Day.

Photo: Michael Verdin (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

There is something beautiful about witnessing a blossoming relationship — be it romantic or professional and, in this case, both. She sang back up vocals and played tambourine throughout the session, but it was their premiere of a duet they wrote together that stole the show.

We got incredible feedback about “Blood on the Mattress” and were thrilled to debut it.

The entire set (watch here) is a bunch of fine players having fun playing rock music. As simple and wonderful as it gets.


Korey Dane Live on MBE Set List

You’ll Be Had
Knife Got Cold
Half Asleep
Blood On The Mattress (Duet With Zella)
Charlie Handsome
Jay And The Coyote
Lovesick In A Hotel Wildfire
Hard Times