LAMC Preview: Systema Solar

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By now, you’ve probably gathered that I have an affinity for bands that bring the party to the stage. Translating the energy from their recordings to their live show and visa versa. This next band is no exception.

Meet Systema Solar, ambassadors of the vivacious lands that make up Colombia’s Caribbean coast, and heirs to a musical region so rich in folkloric music that it seamlessly gets recycled and re-worked into new modern fusions.

Their records are an amalgamate of Afro-Caribbean and Colombian folk, stirred in with hip-hop, and electronic beats that make you crave to see them live.

They emerged out of the Piko movement in Colombia, which closely resembled the renowned Jamaican Sound Systems, and they’ve taken their concept from rickety cart, sound systems and exported their block party vibes to international festivals all over Europe and Latin America.

I was fortunate enough to see Systema perform tracks off their first album back in 2010 at SXSW. And it was evident then that this was a band that had emerged from the underground and conquered all in its path with its raw and true approach of originality.

Throughout the years, Systema Solar have expanded to become more than just music. They operate as an audio visual collective that engages all the senses of attendees through their shows. They classify the experience as Berbenautika, which to put it in simple terms means that through their music they create an imaginary state of bliss in where they are the cosmonauts traveling and spreading thumping Caribbean parties.

It sounds a bit far fetched, but the band feels almost obligated to pay tribute the cosmos and Solar System for bringing all 7 members of this collective together from all walks of life in Colombia.

In July they bring their unique sights and sounds to the US, and I cannot wait to get lost in their funky, Caribbean revelry.

Systema Solar will be at Summer Stage on Wednesday July 8 in Central Park, NYC.